Two Dreams to Nurture

Two Dreams to Nurture

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(This painting was a Prophetic Commission that I painted for a client. I’ve included a sample of the description below)
In my mind's eye, I saw a mama deer nuzzling & sniffing her baby fawn while resting in a grassy bed of hazy soft morning dew. Instead of a realistic fur pattern, the fawns coat was made up of many different colors - like a glowing rainbow. I knew the baby was symbolic of dreams.

A mother deer is able to identify/find her baby
with her sense of smell. Although a newborn fawns unique scent is not well developed directly after birth, their identifiable smell will grow stronger within the first few weeks. Meanwhile, in order to locate her baby, mama deer will search for her own scent that was left in the hiding place where her fawn resides.

Of all the senses, smell is the sense most closely linked to memory.

As you grow more aware of the sensations that help recall important memories, it will help you begin to identify/find your dreams (the things that make your heart come alive) and piece them together until you have birthed a vision that encapsulates all the portions of your heart - your being - your design.

He told me to paint one naturally spotted, alert and engaged, while the other was to have a rainbow coat and sleeping. They were to represent the tangible & the intangible.

Tangible means to be perceptible by touch. To be in reach.

Intangible is something that is unable to be touched or grasped; not having a physical presence. To be out of reach.

You have two dreams:
One feels within reach. It is tangible. You are at present engaged directly with this dream. You are tending to it, and caring for it. While this dream meets some of the desires of your heart, there is still more within you that needs to come alive.

The other dream is seemingly dormant. It feels impossibly out of reach and ungraspable, to the point that you are dully aware of it. You will discover that this dream is actually within reach and will become more of a reality with every passing day that you strengthen the muscle of recalling memories and follow the trail that leads you down until you happen upon the place where your dream resides deep within you.

Papa has given you both these dreams to tend to and nurture.
Like the hazy soft morning dew that the mama and fawns are resting in, rest in this season that is like a new morning dawn and embrace the joy that feels like magic in the air.