~ Movement ~
~ Movement ~

~ Movement ~

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7.5”x11.25" Watercolor, Watercolor Pencils, Ink Pen, Ink, Dry Pastel & Gold Acrylic on Arches 140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper with a Deckled Edge

I've always had a drive to be working on and completing projects; To accomplish things with purpose. And i've always loved to be active, running around, hiking and exerting energy. Gripped by this need to be "doing" I've had to learn the balance of "being"

We always learn more about ourselves as we get older, and even more in marriage. The stark contrast of my calm husband's ability to rest and "be still", to my desire to stay busy, has brought on another measure of learning from each other: Learning to balance becoming one in the life WE cultivate together, while prioritizing and making space for our individual needs. 

I've begun to realize this drive within me is more about MOVEMENT than getting things done, (though it can often manifest as busywork). My need to move externally, also results in internal movement. When i move, it seems to release all that is pent up inside, and bring clarity, like nothing else. With this understanding, i am able to purposefully move past the internal unrest within myself rather than constantly being gripped with a perpetually exhausting drive to remain busy. The very thing that i need to feel rested, can also be a source of unrest when treated without understanding. 

What are those things in you? The way you are wired, the things that drive or draw you to certain things? What are they doing for you? Is it imbalanced? Over extended? Or meeting the need it is designed for? Search for understanding about how you operate so you can love yourself well, and use it as a tool for health.
One of my keys is movement.