Lifeline ~ Made of the Same Stock

Lifeline ~ Made of the Same Stock

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(This painting was a Prophetic Commission that I painted for a client. I’ve included a sample of the description below)

"The very first thing I saw was a man standing, face upturned, vibrant glowing, neon blues and whites surrounding him… like tentacles interweaving around him.

Then i saw the man standing against the base of this great plant reaching far into the heavens, its roots and branches sort of woven through the man as if the plant was growing out of him. I saw it was like Jack’s magic bean stock and I heard papa say: 
"I’ve made you of the same stock as me, we are made of the same stock.” 
The imagery of the stock stretching far into the heavens was such a striking symbol of how you have direct access to Papa’s heart.

then I saw that the branches further up in the sky began to look like the tentacles of a jellyfish. The stinging tentacles of a Jellyfish can be utilized to capture prey by emitting toxins. This is significant because it is a symbol what is taking place in this season: you are releasing toxins, your body is removing all toxins from your body till only what is meant to be there will remain.… as you reach up to heaven, all toxins, {body, soul, spirit} are being released from you. 

A toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms.

So anything that is causing harm to your whole being: {Body soul & spirit} is being removed from you as you go through a refining season."