~ Jessie Kay - "Wedding Commission" ~

"Growing up with Casia and watching her throughout her painting journey has been an incredible privilege. Since she was little she was extremely creative and when that started to come out in the form of art we all knew there was something special and prodigy-like about it. Many artists do art when they feel like it, or when the "inspiration hits." Casia, on the other hand, creates the wave of inspiration for herself, and has spent thousands of hours practicing and diligently taking the time to become what one would term, "an Outlier" - someone who reaches the point (and passes it) of an expert in their field simply because they took the time to sit down and practice. Not only is Casia's work ethic phenomenal, but the power of her drawings, sketches and paintings cannot adequately be put into words. 

For my 19th birthday Casia blessed me with my first original painting that is up at my mom's house. My mom doesn't want to give it back because it's so beautiful, and I can understand why :) For my wedding, I commissioned her to paint a large piece for my husband and I and I gave it to him as a surprise, and we were not disappointed. We have it up in our house and I look at it and see the revelation and prophetic story in it, and feel that it's a tangible blessing hanging in my home. The emotion, thought process, and ability to create in colors what Holy Ghost speaks and reveals to Casia is unbelievable. Her pieces are not just paint on canvas, they are heavenly stories of the most encouraging and uplifting kind. Seeing her work is like a double-edged sword that brings revelation and healing at the same time, and is truly the art of a highly gifted prophetic person. In all my life, growing up around musicians, artists and the like, I have rarely seen an artist as prolific yet humble as Casia. I believe a big component of her extremely talented artistry comes directly from her adventurous spirit and willingness to flow with the Spirit and not resist Him. I also believe God has given her unusual abilities because she has chosen to humble herself, listen and follow what He has to say in each piece. That is why her art work is so unique. I would highly recommend Casia for art commissions of any kind, and look forward to seeing where Creator takes her as she continually chooses to use her gifts and abilities to bless others."




~ Lauren Lee Cracraft-Fontaine - "Together Our Journey is Magnificent ~

"About a year ago I was diagnosed with a rare endocrine disease. One of the icky symptoms is I've developed what's called a "buffalo hump". It lives up to its name and I have a hideous hump between my shoulder blades. The past year I've really struggled with accepting my new body as this disease has changed it in so many ways. My friends and family make fun of my hump, in love of course, but it's something I'm so self conscious about. Seeing your new painting of the buffalo and your comment about how strong and majestic they are... I felt comfort and for the first time didn't feel ashamed of my buffalo hump. Thank you



~ Delores Crawford - "Hope Flows" ~

"At this point in my life, hope has become a word read in a book. I am reminded of the scripture text “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” In my flesh, I have experienced some things that has overwhelmed and diminished the hope I have had since I became a warrior for Christ; When Casia posted her image of “Hope Flows” it hit me at my core and stirred up a need to seek what she referred to as joyful expectation.  I don’t think I have ever been joy filled about   anything.  Yes I have set  goals for myself. And yes I  have accomplished many things but the journey getting there was not pleasant.   Everything has been all about survival and fear of going to hell such that living life and enjoying life has not been a focal point until now. I smile now as I re-read the caption of this image.  I am yet remembering another personal prophetic word that said over and over YOU HAVE TO EXPECT IT DELORES! I can go on and on about the caption but the piece itself, the figure’s positon speaks a no matter what, I am! Attitude and with each step I make moving forward that there is peace in the midst of any storm I am heading towards, I am in or coming out of and Gold (purity)has become a signature color for me over the years.  It  reminds me of the necessity of speaking and behaving in a manner that exudes God’s character but to also view it as a fragrance of joy somehow adds more dimension to my personal quest and lastly God as the center for my trust in Him is something I fell away from in defeat by believing that my circumstances  carried more meaning than what God said, believe it or not one can reason away revelation if circumstances are consistent in showing you something different than you believed:  Now I know what the bible says even the very elect will be deceived by false words spoken if it were possible.  So, my testament to this work is its message has given me the nudge I needed to keep moving towards all that God has for me with joy filled expectation.  


The search has begun."


~ Jennifer V. Wallace ~ Prophetic Commission ~

"I so love Casia’s work... how her passion and creativity flow forth as she partners with God. It always amazes me! That is why I decided to commission a painting. I was in a season where I was praying to be able to see myself more clearly from God's perspective, so I could walk in it with full confidence and not settle for anything less! So I gave Casia free reign to be led by the Spirit... to do whatever He showed her. I trusted her to follow His lead and create exactly what God wanted to speak into me. I knew He would give her an image and word just for me and that would determine the size and supplies needed to best create the idea He gave her. It was definitely worth the investment and the wait! God’s words are spirit and they are life AND His timing is always perfect!"

Here are just two of the small details that God revealed to Casia, that she could not have known about Jennifer: The first were the colors green and purple & their significance, and the second was highlighting and celebrating her Scottish inheritance, though she did not know that Jennifer was in fact Scottish: 

"God also gave me the colors of green and purple at the beginning of this year as I have been seeking His direction during this season of so many changes in my life and those in my life. And I may be a Wallace through marriage but I am one quarter Scottish by blood (my Dad’s mother was from Scottish descent)."




~ Peggy Shor ~

    "I have 3 pieces of art painted and drawn by Casia Yonts.  One is entitled Pours Forth Speech.  The others are Perspective Shift, and Hope.  One is hanging over my mantel, the other on my living room wall, and the other is propped on a desk accompanied by other precious found objects.  

    Each of these pieces have an ongoing sustaining life message of Love keeping me mindful that “with God all things are possible” and that “His ways are, indeed, higher than mine.” These pieces have a way of transporting me to a place outside of myself and beyond the limitations of this world.  They reflect God’s moving light, His transformative power, and His unspeakable beauty. The message and inspiration that each piece holds are timeless, and I’m honored to be able to have these pieces grace and light up my home.  Thank you, Casia, for pouring forth your gifts and talents.  I look forward to seeing “the more” that is to come out of your life and your art."