Policy & Price List

My example price list in the measurement of inches
are just price points to give an idea of how much I charge.
I happily accommodate specific measurement requests. :} 
With each commission, %20 of the cost will be requested upfront in order to cover material costs. {This Price list does NOT include shipping or tax & is only a guideline for how much I charge.}

I create with multiple mediums, therefore prices vary based on the size, medium, and specific requests.

Oil on Canvas

Size        Price

8x10  ~  $175

12x12  ~  $300

24x30  ~  $795

Watercolor, Charcoal, Acrylic, Coffee & Inks on Paper

Size       Price

6x9  ~  $75

16x24  ~  $210

24x36  ~  $360

If you you would like to commission me to create a specific painting for you, you can email me at:
We can converse via email, phone, Skype or get together to talk over coffee if you live in the same area. ;} I always work with my clients one on one to discover the heart of what they would like me to create for them.