Casia Joy is a 20something artist who grew up in a foggy beach town on the Northern Coast of California. Growing up adjacent to the restless ocean, redwood & eucalyptus filled forests, and creative, nation-filled city of San Francisco has largely influenced her inspiration and the content of her paintings. She was homeschooled all throughout high school alongside her four other siblings by both parents in a household always filled with music and art.
"Inspiration has always been anywhere I direct my gaze or thoughts.
I cannot get away from the deep desire to create.
Painting is my delight.
If I had it my way, I’d paint all day everyday. 
I can’t paint fast enough 
to get all the images and inspirations that pass through my heart 
onto canvas before more come.
I have created as long as I can remember and am continually creating, adventuring, growing and learning to love limitlessly; much of my art is about displaying the unhindered love of God… especially my personal experiences of that limitless love, and I am constantly learning at a greater depth how to love people in the same way.
My favorite quote by Vincent Van Gogh perfectly sums up what I believe at the core of what I do...
“There is nothing more artistic than to love others."
I love that creativity allows a person to express their identity and the way they see the world. I long for people to experience the same freedom and peace in their lives in doing what they love that I have by painting and doing what I love; freely living and freely loving.
My art is synonymous with who I am, what I am about and what I as a person carry with me:
 joy, peace, a passion for justice and quality of life, 
an adoration for unique faces and integritous character, 
a love for color and textures, a delight for nature, for beauty, and for people, 
a delighted fascination for different cultures and how we collectively and individually view the world, 
and my sweet God and creator… 
These are a few of the things that give me smile wrinkles and inspire me, my loves and the things that delight me. That is what my art is about and why I create."