Restful Waiting, Expectant Change

Restful Waiting, Expectant Change

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God showed me this image one morning of a girl with butterfly eyes... It so ties into everything He'd been showing me that week as I'd been sick and having a really hard time stopping my motion of work to try and rest and get better.

The beginning of that same week I'd woken up asking Papa:
"How can i partner with you today? What does saying "Yes" to you today look like?" 
His response: "Rest" 
It was a day I had already fully planned with work and things I needed to get done.
I asked: "What does that even look like?"
"Reset. Rest is a Re-Set button." 

To Re-Set something ~ Is to set something new, to re-start,
to clear, to refresh 

With this image papa was talking to me about the process of the chrysalis... the process of waiting. The Chrysalis is the stage in which a caterpillar completely changes form and is made new into a butterfly. 

"Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength"

Active Waiting requires expectation... for something to come,
and rest....

So in summation: 
This picture represents the process of resting in the unknown, being re-set {cleared of all the things weighing you down}, while actively waiting and taking on a completely new perspective {vision, sight} that re-news your strength to face the change and shift that happened in the place of rest.


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Restful Waiting, Expectant Change