Haven - Harbor of Hope

Haven - Harbor of Hope

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(This painting was a Prophetic Commission that I painted for a client. I’ve included a sample of the description below)

A Haven is a place of safety or refuge; a condition of being sheltered from pursuit.
A comfortable and safe home to rest; A sanctuary, a harbor.
A Harbor is a place where vessels find shelter that protects them from rough water.
You are a harbor of hope, you are a safe place for those around you.

Not only do you dwell under the protective covering of the shadow of God's wings,
but you create and carry that environment of safety, comfort and home for all those who are around you, through your worship. Like a "Grace-Fountain", the Freesia flower symbolizes the triumph of perseverance over adversity, or grace under pressure, and cascades throughout the painting. It blooms beautifully in the blazing sun, just like you who have bloomed under pressure, resistance and adversity.